5 Lessons Of Facial Care That Men Should Know

It isn’t said that men must be handsome, but it is needed to be neat and clean shown through their ways of taking care the face and hair.

Make sure that you are correctly aware of all way of making beauty avoid these mistakes below. Enjoy with ELLE Man to detect 5 things you should keep away while taking face cared!

1   Having a beard shaved shortly and thinly

That all things you have to need is not to let the beard too long and too bushy. This is one of the most prevailed patterns among men since its manly and characteristic outset. It is true that men are so magnetic, confident and experienced in this kind beard.  It is extremely impatient, careless and imprecise in a thin and none-carefully care beard. Overall, women always prioritize men possessing a neat and sharpen trimmed beard.

2   Having a beard grown disorderly

Having a long beard cut helps your beard seems neater and evener. If it is said that the beard is a standard of the men’ beauty, a whiskery beard is considered as the stronger manliness of a man. A disorderly grown beard could become a “net” of dirt, germ or even smell.  To wear a beautiful whiskery beard, besides a skilled trim with frequent care oil, men should put most of their concern on the exercise regime and diet.

3   Having too long nostril hairs


Only using only a scissors to cut hang-out nostril hair

Many girls, they can’t focus on speaking with a man whose nostril hairs hanging out “net”, even that thing drives them scared when close or touch him. Many men neglect to trim their nostril hairs because of worrying about hurting the nostril mucous membrane. Tips are having small scissors to trim the hang-out hairs only.

4  Having quite too long nape hair


To show your manliness, have your hair cut higher and closer to the nape.  According to the phrenology,  a small- headed man and long hair normally are unlucky in their career, usually get obstacles. For women, a long- haired man is extremely unmanly. Make sure that the hairdresser trims smoothly your two-sided hair and the part behind the neck, the best distance is in 3-5cm to the shirt’s collar.

5   Having sloppy eyebrows

Having the hair cut which is out of the first point and the last point of the eyebrow’s roofs. Each man has each different eyebrow pattern. They just should store the eyebrow’s original shape and

move hang-out hairs around eyes away. While you clip them, be careful not letting them too thin or too short, remain their density and neatness and manliness. If you care your face smartly and makeup enough, your face will get brighter and younger much!

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