8 Intelligent Tips To Help Dry Hair Quickly Without Damages

Only with the extremely simple tips that we tell you below, you can both get the beautiful, strong hair and have redundant time to sleep on a little bit before going to work.

It seems that no one wants to waste time sitting to dry hair with a towel after shampooing, because if having such excessive time, women will also busy for the billions of tasks like that. However, it is not recommended to go out when hair is still wet, water on hair will seep into the body, even just a small movement can make those moisture splash and bother the other people. Do you shudder when thinking of this situation? Let imagine that one day you wake up, hurry to wash your hair before going to work, hurry to dry with a towel then use a hair drier quickly. – you feel it is similar to a boring  process which will never end.

In order to help you reduce the monotony of the daily hair care, let come up with 8 intelligent tips to help speed up drying of hair, even you just spend half the time compared to the normal steps you often carry out.

Conditioner with a good comb

You probably did not know: Conditioners not only helps hair be softer and smoother but also make them dry faster. The silicone layer gently influences on every strand of hair and make them straight, water is also reduced. The “best friend” of conditioner is a wide tooth comb, in fact, if these two things are combined together, you will be able to get a surprising result. After applying conditioner from the root to the end of the hair, let use the comb to brush gently, this can not only help hair be smooth but also minimize the amount of water on hair.

Use towel properly


In fact, cotton towels do not have the good effects on hair, especially the drying process. It rubs vigorously and affects the hair’s cuticle, so please stop pressing and squeezing water from the towel. Instead of damaging your hair by these mistakes above, let use a microfiber towel which is “super” soft and have a double ability to absorb moisture, can eliminate 10 % amount of water on your hair without messing up it. In order to do this, you should wrap a towel around the hair like a turban, or just simply wrap around the head, then use your hands to squeeze gently and let it dry naturally – depending on the thickness level or hardness and softness, your hair can dry quickly or slowly

Reduce heat from the dryer

When you try to dry as quickly as possible, you may be “trapped” when tuning the highest temperature in the dryer. This indeed destroys your hair, making hair structure becomes brittle and easy to break. Therefore, always set up a radiator hose to the front. Pay attention to choose the right hair dryer, the negative ions will reduce static electricity and breaks the molecules, the hair will dry faster without high temperatures.

Use T-shirt to dry hair


With the curly hair, you should also take the time to incubate your hair by a T-shirt. This may sound strange, however, it is extremely useful in keeping the fiber structure as beautiful as you have just curled. Indeed, using this technique not only allows your curls dry faster but also helps them retain their natural shape. The process is totally simple and easy to carry out. Firstly,  you apply conditioner or cream rinse without washing again. Then, put a T-shirt on a flat surface, lower your head and slowly roll up the bottom of the T-shirt to the top of your head. Then, using the entire part left of the shirt to cover your curly hair. You firm it by the knots from the sleeves.  Keep it within 10-20 minutes (let think of this as a habit which is not missed in the morning). Finally, take off the T-shirt and shake your head a little bit, then your hair will be able to dry without help from the hair dryer.

Carry out the other tasks first.

If you ask any expert hair stylist about how to make hair dry faster, they surely answer that: Let hair dry naturally first and then think about comb and dryer! Also, depending on the structure of each individual hair, you can also gently squeeze hair after bathing and allow hair to dry, and then take steps to skin care and makeup, finally continue drying hair.

Dry the roots of hair


You are the type of women who are extremely interested in a caring and styling with the dryer for hours. It is not simple at all, isn’t it? At first, you need to have necessary tools to assist this task. Then, keep in mind the tip “never dry your hair when it is too wet”. You can use a towel to absorb moisture on hair first then continue drying it by a dryer.

Be kicky when choosing hair care products


In fact, if you choose the best and most suitable products for your hair, it is possible that hair can dry faster. Thermal conductive polymer compounds in the product can help reduce more moisture on hair, this makes hair dry faster as well as protect hair from heat. Use lotion and primer cream to assist the drying process. In addition, use mousse to accelerate the drying process, create favorite hair texture, especially in the dry air environment.

Choose a suitable comb

Which Hair Brush Is Best For Curly Hair? / Hair Brushes 101: A Guide To Your Perfect Hair Brush(es) - http://www.kisforkinky.com/which-hair-brush-is-best-for-curly-hair
Which Hair Brush Is Best For Curly Hair?

If you are familiar with drying hair yourselves, you may know how to use the comb to dry your hair as quickly as possible. One type of ceramic round comb can allow air to flow easily, help to dry hair effectively. If you own the thick hair, you should divide it into 4 small parts then dry each one in turn.

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