How to Clean an Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is very important because it allows one to prepare very many meals. This calls for an authentic cleaning process. When this skillet is washed well and taken good care of then there are high chances that it will last for a longer time. Before a person starts cleaning a given skillet they should make sure that the skillet is not in use or it is not holding any food substances. In case there are some food substances in the skillet it might be advisable for a person to get rid of such materials before anything begins. A person who wants to clean the skillet should follow the following steps:


Give it time to cool

Given that an electric skillet is used for cooking and frying, there is need for a person to avoid washing it while it is still hot. Enough time should be allowed so that there are no chances that it will either be damaged or it will hurt the person cleaning it. This is the first thing that an individual should make sure that they have done. The time duration an individual will be required to give a certain skillet so that it can cool down depends on the temperature of the skillet before it starts cooling down and the climatic conditions that surround a place where the skillet is being used.

Those people who live in cold places might only require to give it a short time and all will be well while those who are found in the tropical regions there is need for them to give enough allowance.

Unplug the control plug

Once the electric skillet has cooled down, one has to pull out the control plug. When unplugging this control plug, it is important for a person to make sure that this is done carefully so that they can avoid damaging the machine. In most cases the skillet will come with a user manual which shows the direction in which one is expected to pull the control plug when unplugging it.

Wash the skillet


A person should make sure that they have washed the skillet carefully. When washing it is important for a person to make sure that they have removed all the dirt from the skillet. To ensure that this is done one has to begin by immersing the front part of skillet in hot water.

The entry to the connector should be kept away from water because water might damage this part. This part has to be wiped with a piece of material that is used for cleaning the skillet. After this, one should turn it so that the part which connects to the connector is facing upside so that they can scrub the other parts of the skillet.

The connector entry should be kept away from water. After scrubbing and rinsing the skillet, it should be dried with a dish towel. The air drainer should be used to remove any droplets of water that might be in the skillet. The last thing to wash is the lid after which it should also be dried using a dish towel.


It is obvious that after the skillet has been cleaned it needs to be kept in a safe place. It is advisable for a person to make sure that they have kept the skillet in a place where moisture does not come in contact with the electric part of the skillet. This can be dangerous to the skillet because apart from damaging it, it can also be the cause of accidents when using the skillet.

Apart from keeping it away from moisture, it should not come in contact with harmful chemicals because this could be cause of its damage.

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