Guides to create a unique and attractive blog

Maybe you are familiar with reading blogs every day; however, have you ever try to create a blog as your own yet? If you love writing and sharing, let learn how to create a simple blog right now. In this writing, I want to mention guides to create a unique blog about sports and health with many useful topics such as choosing the best walking shoes for men and women, and how to keep a healthy sleep at night. Let take a look at the steps below:

Which tools are optimal to create a blog?

Nowadays, with development of technology, create a website has become very easily without needing to study too much about code and program. Simply, you can completely create a blog or website professionally. By a simple way, you can search many tools for creating a blog. However, two tools which are much more outstanding than ever are WordPress and Blogger.

When you have your choice about the tool which you will follow, let find out some relating writings on other sites or blogs. This will help you get more knowledge to prepare and brainstorm about your own blog.


Which features help to create optimal blog posts?

Eye-catching interface:

It is very important to attract readers at the first sight, so that interface which you choose and design needs to be very eye-catching. It sounds like very difficult and complicated but you should focus on these things:

+ Set up folders in a logical order. This requires you to divide clearly your subjects into main categories. For example, for a blog about sport and health, it must have 2 main parts including sport and health. Besides, to raise readers’ truth and make a variety of access, you should add more folders such as home – to introduce overall about pages, top access – to mention which posts are accessed popularly, updated writings and more.

+ Choose harmonious colors for background. This mostly depends on your hobby, but you should have a little consideration to create connection between topics and background. It will make an impression for readers when clicking on your blog.

+ Combine scientifically between fonts, colors and outline. It is extremely necessary to make balance between them because it makes readers feel easy to look for and feel not boring. You may refer to standard fonts for blogs and add more applications in your own site.

Attractive titles:

To ensure that your posts are really useful for readers, you must make sure that they have an attractive title. But which norms make it more attractive for readers? A title needs to be short enough, not too long but it still expresses the focus of writing. Language should be easy to understand and formal. In addition, you should apply some editing skills to make the title more remarkable.

Clear keyword and headings:

Actually, people seem to not have much time to read carefully your writing from top to bottom. Thus, your posts need to be highlight keyword and headings which show main ideas of total writing and paragraphs. In particular, all headings should be parallel about language and short enough. Remember to make short paragraphs for reading easily.

If you have a passion with writing, let make yourself a blog to share your ideas and even earn money from it. Hope you feel interesting when reading this writing.


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