The Importance of pH in a Hydroponics System

In gardening, be it organic, soiled or hydroponic the most overlooked subject is pH. We never really pay proper attention to it but it is very important for the proper growth. pH is measured in a scale ranging from 0 to 14 where we consider 7 as neutral, lower than 7 acidic and higher than 7 alkalis.

Why is pH important?

pH is an important factor because the capacity of taking nutrient from the solution by the plants depends on the pH of the liquid the roots are in. the plants stop to function properly he the pH is not right for them. Usually, the plants like to grow in a bit acidic ambiance and the proper pH is 5.0-6.5 but they will survive easily in 5.5-7.5 range.

When the pH is not right, some of the particles stop working in the mineral solution and start to pile up around the walls or any probable place. this hampers the growth and development of the plants.

When to test pH and how to adjust the pH?

Nowadays pH test is very simple and you can easily do it at home with some very useful test kit that will give u clear and reliable results. There are kits where the process is very easy. You just need to drop a color changing paper in the solution and wait for some time when the element reacts on the paper now compare the color with the color chart and you will know the proper amount. There are simpler tests also where you just need to add drops of the solution in some indicator and it gives you the result.


Before adding any nutrient be it normal formula or organic hydroponic nutrients to your solution you should check your system pH to avoid any kind of misbalance but if you see some problem with the system that you are not familiar with you should run a text.

Adjusting pH is another important task to manage your garden properly. When the pH is not properly balanced you should try some chemicals available in the market to make the solution right. If the pH is high then you have to lower it by adding some chemicals and one such chemical is phosphoric acid. When the case is opposite and you need to raise the pH you should opt for potassium hydroxide.

This will balance the pH for the best outcome of your garden or hydroponic system.

ph Balance Solution

To maintain pH is very important for any hydroponic system as we discuss above and one of the best product available in the market is General Hydroponics GH1514 pH Control Kit. This kit is so designed that it can work in both soil and soilless environment. It perfectly complements the hydroponic environment and includes all the necessary item that is related to ph. There is an 8oz bottle that is for raising the pH of the solution is it is lower than the favorable one. There is another same bottle of edible phosphoric acid to lower the pH for the opposite situation.

It accompanies with a test kit that follows very simple technique. You need to fill the cup half with your solution and add some indicator and keep track of the color changes. This is the best kit for the hobby gardeners.

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