How to raise our kids healthy

Play with kids

When it comes to raising kids healthy, many people think that it is very simple and easy but actually, it is not. Things have changed, people are different from who they were years ago, we are now much busier working a lot and do not have enough time for our family and we cannot keep an eye on our kids like we used to do. How to raise kids is very important because it will have a great influence on their health both physically and mentally. There are so many things you need to do in order to raise your kids healthy. If you really want the best for them, it will not be that hard but first, you need to read the followings to have a certain knowledge in this family affair.


Environment for Kids

Before talking about what you should do for our kids, let’s talk about the most important thing which has a great influence on them, the environment. It plays a huge role in how healthy kids will grow up, a bad environment can cause your children to grow unhealthy both physically and mentally.

To create the best environment for kids, one of the most necessary things is to grow houseplants in or build a lawn. Kids are not as strong as adults and they are always energetic, so they need more fresh air, that’s why you need houseplants or grasses, they will help your kids on breathing by cleaning the air with more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. Plants will also help your kids deter illness if you know how to grow them properly, and more importantly, their mental health can be improved because it is the fact that being in an environment with a lot of plants can improve their productivity, concentration, and memory.

However, growing plants is not the only way to create a good environment for your kids, there are high-tech equipment such as air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, and so on, they can completely help you clean the air in your own house.

The right nutrition

If you are parents, you should know that a healthy diet is very important for your kids to grow healthy. In general, nutrition for children is based on the same principles as nutrition for us, however, kids need different amounts of nutrient depending on their ages.

Nutrition for Kids

To fuel your children’s development, you should follow the nutrition basics. It is not only about food but also about nutrients such as water, protein, carbs, fruit, vegetables, grains, and different types of vitamin in every single meal for your kids.

Furthermore, how to choose food is another problem for parents, remember that you cannot let your kids eat fast food too much because fast food is very harmful to your kids, you should give your children nutritionally dense and healthy food with an adequate number of calories.

Nowadays, many kids are obese or overweight and it can lead to bad consequences in their future life. In addition, the variety of foods is also vital because it can ensure a balance of nutrition for your own kids.

  • For example, you should make vegetables and fruits the main course for every meal, it will help them take in a variety of minerals, fiber, and vitamin which can facilitate their healthy growth.

Outdoor activities

Today, we can see the rapid growth in technology, it helps us a lot with so many fields in our daily life. However, children now depend more on technology that limiting chances to improve their imaginations and creativity. Technology also has a negative impact on their bodies by stopping them from achieving motor development and optimal sensory. It is one of many reasons for us to take our kids outside to play as they should do. Outdoor play for children is very important because it can characterize them and they really need to move their whole body in order to improve their motor skills which can create basic foundation for their physical growth. Studies show that young children can get a deeper sleep if they have been exposed to sunshine and breathed fresh air during the day.

Kids playing

There are so many outdoor activities you can consider such as playing soccer, walking, blowing bubbles or even playing with trampolines, which makes your kids run a lot. In addition, outdoor activities also help your kids communicate better, learn more about the environment, outside world and even themselves.

Encourage your kids

All parents know that encouraging kids is necessary for their growth but not many people know how to do it correctly, it is not only about praise or encouragement, it is about teaching them to know their abilities, so that they can make the right decisions for everything in life.

Play with kids

  • For example, when your kid does something good, useful for you, it will be the best for you to say ‘thanks’ rather than ‘good job’ because thanking them will help us convey the value of their help, that is the reason why you should express your gratitude for what they have done to let them feel how important they are instead of only praising them.
  • Furthermore, you also have to learn how to say ‘I’m listening’, it is one of the best ways to encourage and know what they are thinking. By doing this, you will let them feel that you are really communicating so that your children can understand a sense of significance and their important place in your hearts.

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