Using Coconut oil for beautiful hair

Summer holidays are coming and you’re planning to travel somewhere. However, you often find difficult to take care of your hair during the holiday although you have tried many hair care products from top essential oils brands with a considerable amount of money. Why don’t you use coconut oil that can make you satisfied with its good effects?

Great benefits of coconut oil for hair

There are many reasons why your hair is damaged, so natural oils are indispensable to repair the hair. One of the best essential oils for hair is coconut oil that can bring you a healthy and glossy hair.

Coconut oil contains lots of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins that help nourish and make the hair grow faster. Additionally, this oil is also a remedy to avoid spilt ends and breakage, which regains vitality to the hair.

Coconut oil help clean your scalp

Coconut oil is highly recommended to repair and take care of damaged hair. However, not many people know that this natural oil also treats dandruff and greasy hair effectively. All you need to prepare are half a lemon, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey to make a mixture then apply it to the hair. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water. These ingredients not only make your hair shinier but also prevent hair loss.

Coconut oil helps reduce hair loss

You are tired with hair loss? Don’t worry! Coconut oil can easily solve this problem.

Only after a month using it, you will feel extremely confident when the amount of hair loss significantly decreases. Your hair will become healthier from roots to ends. And you will be surprised that how fast the hair grows.

Use coconut oil as a hair gel

You need to dry the hair, pour the oil into your palm then rub it in the hair as a balm, and use 10 fingertips to massage scalp. This simple way not only helps you feel comfortable but also relieve stress.

An effective way to steam hair with coconut hair

Step 1: Pour the oil into a small cup with a sufficient amount for the hair. It can be 3-4 teaspoons, depending on your hair is long or short, thick or thin. Warm the oil in 30 seconds so that it can easily absorb into the hair.

Step 2: Don’t forget to wash your hair then make it almost dry, which helps nutrients can absorb deeper into hair roots.

Step 3: Apply coconut oil to the hair and massage scalp carefully. After that, let use a heat cap or a steamer to steam the hair for 1 hour then wash with shampoo as usual.

In addition, you can use coconut oil for removing make-up, skincare, lotions, making homemade soap, or preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, etc…This oil is greatly appreciated in beautifying and every woman should have the must-have item. Hope that your hair will become more beautiful, shinier and healthier by using amazing tricks with coconut oil.

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